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Desta T'Res is a 244-year-old asari assassin. She posts on CDN as "Night Wind".

She began training in the Asari Republics as a huntress, but left the academy at age 43, before the completion of her training, due to circumstances she refuses to discuss. Since then she has operated as a mercenary and assassin, as a member of the Eclipse corporation for four years, but otherwise as an independent operator. She is selective in the contracts she takes, only targeting those she is aware to be guilty of serious crimes - e.g. slavers, murderers, pirates, rapists.

In 2186 CE she learned of Korwun Gorik's planned operation against self-styled "warlord" Caldus Discori, and was assigned by Gorik to lead the infiltration team. During the ensuing battle on Hinath she lost her left eye (now replaced with a cybernetic), but was successful in achieving her objectives, and fatally wounded Discori himself, although he lived long enough for Gorik to decapitate him.

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