Animals native to Dekuuna include the following:

Huip: Their hide is used in traditional elcor clothing.

Hujuulos: Massive animals related to elcor, though non-sapient. They and the elcor split off from a common ancestor about three million years ago. Intelligent enough to hold conversations, as their scent and bodily cues are not dissimilar to those of elcor, they have legal status somewhere between "people" and other wild animals. They're a protected species inhabiting a reserve, and due to their intelligence and resemblance to elcor (only oversized; yes even by elcor standards), the elcor take their protection seriously. Joset Phraag met a couple of young ones

Huljoo: A relative of Hujuulos, even larger. A more basal member of the family.

(Note that there was also a semi-aquatic branch of this family. Many palaeontologists believe that one of these species attained sapience several million years ago, but did not survive to a technological age. There are many theories why this is so).

Mas-ra: Mentioned on From Illium With Love; apparently their mating habits are amusing.

Thumaunagoa: A gas-flyer with a hollow body. Elcor have an ancient folk legend of a demigod who was born with a hollow body like a thumaunagoa but the shape of an elcor. He flew too high and was burst from the lessening pressure.


Darkscreamer: Extinct predator, once a threat to prehistoric elcor.

Hornfist: Extinct predator, once a threat to prehistoric elcor.

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