The high gravity homeworld of the elcor, located in the Phontes System of the Silean Nebula.

Dekuuna overflows with natural resources protected by law, from large deposits of precious metals to vast forests. The elcor themselves live in rich grasslands near the equator. The majority of Dekuuna settlements are tucked within this belt, as the conservative elcor feel little desire to build outside their comfort zone. Their twin capitals of Sereuun and Malvuon are for migrations from the wet season to the dry season, a tradition made obsolete by modern technology but still observed.

Dekuuna was heavily damaged by the Reapers, but the nature of its settlements and thus the Reapers' means of assault means the path to rebuilding, while long, will be less daunting than that faced by planets like Earth, Palaven, and Thessia. Dekuuna's capacity to provide aid to its neighbours has earned the elcor respect in the post-war period, although Dekuuna is still politically undervalued.


  • Herdflight Mountain, the highest peak on the planet.


  • Dhru: A fruit, grown in orchards across the planet.
  • Gulkoph: A fruit, its juice is popular.
  • Julix orchid: This large flower produces edible produce.
  • Lysquiph: A medicinal plant that aids elcor digestion. It is typically introduced to any viable elcor colony world.
  • Yocayn herb.


See: Dekuunan Wildlife.

Reaper War

When Dekuuna’s government learned that the Reapers were imminent, they evacuated everyone on the helium-3 recovery platforms of Sangel, their system's fourth planet. The sizable gas giant was abandoned, its workers relocated to Dekuuna. The move was ostensibly made because the elcor homeworld was a more defensible position. In reality, it may have been motivated by a subconscious herding instinct, as most grazing creatures come together in large groups when predators near. After the destruction of the elcor navy, Reapers moved in their ground troops to occupy Dekuuna’s cities. This took longer than on most civilized worlds, as the elcor were spread out into smaller, distant settlements, reflecting their preference for close-knit family communities instead of densely packed cities.

Posts and Threads

Jacob Angelaus visits Dekuuna.

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