A suspected conspiracy within the Batarian Confederacy.

Compounding the problems of the fledging post-Reaper War government was the natural paranoia of its citizens - centuries of living under the Hegemony had left even the most open and friendly batarian paranoid and suspicious, compared to their equivalent from any other race. During the Hegemony’s rule, this paranoia all too often served the people well, as the ever-present intelligence agencies and secret police were indeed monitoring much of what took place. Despite the fall of the Hegemony and the publicized indoctrination of government forces, it was widely known that large numbers of these secret operatives survived, and their former victims suspected them of forming a ‘deep state’ within the Confederation.

Proponents believed that cells of operatives and survivors from various other organizations worked together to bring about a new Hegemony-style government - one in which slaves knew their place. How else, they asked, could one explain the survival of Hegemony-style governments on some colony worlds, or the political strength of the slaving Na’Hesit compared to the core Ub’Hesit worlds? Proponents of this theory tended to regard it as fact, and some even whispered that Admiral Balak himself - the leader of the remnant batarian fleet - was a former agent of the state beyond his military credentials, citing Council-space records of a ‘Balak’ in charge of a terrorist faction working against the Systems Alliance. While variants of the ‘deep state’ theory took root on most worlds, since the return of the fleet these suspicions spread to the mainstream population, and some of the earliest accusations against political figures alleged involvement with the deep state. Adding to the confusion was the known existence of the Cabal on Erszbat, which many regarded as either the cornerstone of the deep state or its most successful opposition. While the official stance of the Confederation was to dismiss these claims as ludicrous, such dismissals bore an eerie similarity to old Hegemony claims regarding uprisings and rebel activity, and several worlds attempted their own private investigations into the deep state possibility. Conversely, among the Na’Hesit worlds it was often suggested that a similar deep state existed, but operated by slaves and their sympathizers. Theorists pointed to the numerous slave uprisings which took place during the Reaper invasion, claiming that slaves worked side-by-side with the Reapers to bring down the legitimate governments of the batarian people. Such claims didn’t gain nearly as much traction as the Ub’Hesit version, but these contrasting visions led outside observers to dismiss both theories on the basis of their contradictory nature.

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