One of the assets of Titan Corporation.

Dawon is a fairly standard mining corporation. They own and operate one megascale mobile rig with two more under construction, in addition to the requisite fleet of smaller ships, drones, and outposts. Currently the primary function of the subsidiary to supplement the materials and metals the parent corporation purchases from Amnoskeld, to reduce their dependence on any one source and augment their still suffering revenue streams. At the same time steps have been made to integrate the sub-corporation into the culture of the icy Amnoskeld. Direct competition or a perceived subversion of the planet’s livelihood would bode ill for the carefully arranged projects of cooperation between the worlds of the Drownscaled Tempest.

Based out of Titan’s oceanbound holding on Amnoskeld, Dawon operates both domestically and abroad with licensed operations in the greater Rainreaved as well as within the Tempest itself. Sub-branches deal with assorted fields such as gas and H3 harvesting and energy production.


Prior to his ascent Nargha Sradakhad was the owner and operator of a full sized cracking ship, a megalith of a vessel more akin to a mobile space station than a civilian craft he was essentially a mercenary miner. Nargha used technology and a lifetime of practical experience to quickly and efficiently rip out the rich veins of ore from planetoids and inhospitable worlds. As a former worker on the very ship he now owned he had a great deal of experience.

When Omega fell, Titan snapped up his contract to use him for discreetly resupply themselves with crucial materiel from regions overrun by Reaper advance forces and battlegroups. When the War ended, rather than turning such a valued asset loose in the cluster, the company offered him and his crew a more permanent position at a notably higher salary.

Lycarion Artori is a young, sickly, Omega-born turian. He served as equal parts curator and administrator prior to the War. Lycarion was tasked with making sense of and organizing and evaluating the company’s varied acquisitions that were of not utilized by any extant branch. Under the direction from his superiors he began laying the foundations for a potential umbrella mining group with the promise that, if he was successful he would be justly rewarded.

Lycarion performed excellently, especially in the face of mounting external pressures such as the fall of Omega and the return of the Reapers, and contrary to expectations, the deal was upheld and he was elevated to second in command of Dawon Extraction Group post-War, which was the third and youngest of the new subsidiaries.

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