Vixen, with wings folded away.

Dawn Sprite is an asari type of light aircraft, capable of multiple configurations and operating modes beyond the stock model. The aircraft is capable of powered flight in typical pusher engine mode, ornithopter mode and its aerodynamics permit efficient gliding.

In common with much asari technology, the dawn sprite type is designed for ultra-long life, utilising regenerative materials that renew and in some cases improve themselves over time. To prevent obsolescence relative to new technologies, dawn sprites are capable of both adapting their materials and configurations to changing environmental conditions, and accepting structural programming that redirects their regenerative properties to "grow" new materials and systems, given necessary seeding components. The drawback of this design philosophy, which is employed in many types of vehicles including spacecraft, is that newly-built vehicles or vessels are often fragile and require considerable time devoted to calibration and maintenance. Proponents of the philosophy liken this stage to childhood; "mature" vehicles of this type are renowned for their reliability and performance, but with the initial development stage lasting decades, and the resulting craft tailored to the pilot who has been using it during its development, the design type is impractical for species with shorter lifespans.

Out-of-character notes

Vixen's appearance is based on the "Stinger" one-person submarine shown in seaQuest DSV.

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