Formerly of the Blue Suns, currently the CEO of a small private mercenary outfit, Single Order Solutions, as well as the Commander of the Aspiration.

He adopted a human girl, Flower Wilde.

Threads of Note

Handing Over Holly: Davril introduces Reena Tayn (Asharia T'Saeri) to the girl who would become her adopted daughter.

Spread The News: Davril is present as Flower is interviewed by Muckracker (Helena Mathioudakis) regarding her recent ordeal.

Venting: Davril spars with Kari'Zar nar Tasi to help her let off steam.

Not a Date: Kari and Davril have a (not a) date.

Venting 2.0: Sparring with Kari again.


No Mr. Wilde, I expect you to dine: Interview with a Geth.

Surprise Visit: Davril and Kari'Zar are met by Flower on the Citadel.

Cracks In the Plating: Davril wants Flower to go to Omega.

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