Dasthrag Tiev
Species: Krogan
Age: 169 (at time of death)
Occupation: Warlord (Deceased)
Location: Tuchanka
Status: Deceased - 2015
Affiliations: Clan Dasthrag, Clan Weyrloc, Clan Gatatog

Dasthrag Tiev was the warlord of Clan Dasthrag and the father of Dasthrag Wrep, Dasthrag Daer, and Dasthrag Nazh, identical krogan triplets. Born from the same clutch, a rarity on post-genophage Tuchanka, Tiev incorrectly attributed the birth of his triplets to the testicular transplant surgery he had recently had done to him, which led to the urban legend that transplanting testicles could potentially cure the genophage. Sadly, Tiev was struck down by his own sons, who ousted him as the leader of their small clan and continue to rule their territory together.

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