Dasegar Alto was the Governor of the batarian colony of Eldraam at the end of the Geth War. While a successful general and politician, Dasegar’s career was marred by persistent accusations of xenophilia. Dasegar was rumored to have special sympathy for the quarians, who he regularly claimed had been the victims of a slave revolt and deserved the full support of the Batarian Hegemony against the geth. In the aftermath of the Geth War Dasegar’s views received some public support, leading to an expansion in Hegemony shipbuilding, but as time went on and the geth remained isolated behind the Perseus Veil public sympathy turned to scorn and Dasegar’s influence faded.

The accusations of xenophilia stemmed from Dasegar’s time as Governor on Eldraam, where according to quarian sources he led the Eldraam defense fleet against geth rebels on the former quarian colony of Has'Sey. Dasegar’s timely intervention saved the lives of over 100,000 quarian civilians and his subsequent orbital bombardment of Has’Sey was credited with preventing the establishment of a geth foothold outside of the Perseus Veil. Dasegar’s refusal to enslave the quarian survivors of Eldraam earned him a place of honor in the quarian folk tales surrounding the Geth War, but in the eyes of his political opponents was a sign of weakness and xenophilia. Official batarian sources record only that Governor Dasegar Alto aided the quarians in putting down a slave revolt on Has’Sey using standard Hegemony tactics.

Despite his waning influence, the expansion of the military resulting from Dasegar’s anti-geth stance earned him the respect and admiration of his soldierly peers, and one ship in each generation is always christened ‘Dasegar’ after him.