The Dasegar is a twenty-six year old batarian Hensa-class cruiser. Named after Dasegar Alto, an historic governor of the batarian colony world Eldraam, the Dasegar spent most of its military career patrolling the outer regions of Hegemony space and never saw any serious combat. For its last two years of service in the Hegemony fleet, the Dasegar was used as a training vessel for new recruits, and was finally retired only to be bought at a discount for use as a quarian civilian transport. Their compact design makes Hensa-class vessels ideal for quarian purposes with minimal retrofitting, and their reputation for sturdiness combined with the large number produced makes them a favorite with quarians and pirates alike.

While attempting to register new ship names is standard policy in the Migrant Fleet, an exception was made in the case of the Dasegar. Dasegar Alto was responsible for the rescue of thousands of quarian civilians on the colony of Has’Sey during the Geth Uprising, and this rare example of batarian and quarian cooperation was seen as something to preserve.

Serving with the Migrant Fleet, the Dasegar's relative youth and modern armaments made it an ideal candidate for more active duties than most, and it became one of several dozen vessles used for preliminary scouting whenever the Fleet was stopped in one place. The Dasegar would enter a nearby system, scan for useful resources or biomatter, and then send a report back to the Fleet before moving on to the next system. If the report indicated that a system had something worth exploiting, more specialized vessels would soon arrive to take what they could before the fleet was due to move on.

During the Reaper War, the Dasegar was in the vanguard of the Civilian fleet due to its military origins. It sustained heavy damage in the fighting over Rannoch, and would have drifted into the planet’s atmosphere were it not for geth assistance in recovery efforts following the truce. It was subsequently unavailable for the battle of Earth, and having been repaired now forms part of the quarian patrol fleet.

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