Darik Zol was a volus scientist who became well known after he released a theory stating that black holes can be used for interstellar travel.

Dr. Zol released his theory during a Volus Physical Society meeting on Irune. According to the theory, surrounding a black hole with a sphere of element zero will turn it into a wormhole, allowing access to another part of space - perhaps even beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

Zol's theory was criticized by much of the scientific community, including Dr. Na'ali Vasir, president of the Asari Physical Society. In response, Dr. Zol announced that he intended to prove his theory by traveling to black hole A0620-00 in the Attican Traverse and surrounding it with element zero. In order to obtain enough element zero to conduct the experiment, he solicited donations from the rest of his clan.

Dr. Zol made good on his word: On September 27, 2186 CE Terran calendar, he departed from Irune with what he described as a "not ideal, but sufficient" amount of element zero, and approached A0620-00. A representative from the Citadel Council noted that, due to time dilation, the results from Zol's experiment will not be known for 1-2 million years, essentially making it a "suicide mission."

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Darik Zol's activities were reported in the following Cerberus Daily News updates:

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