The Drone-Assisted Mechanized Engineer, created by Aurum Labs, a subsidiary of Trask Interstellar primarily responsible for the development of mining equipment.

The DAME is a quadrupedal mech designed to explore and establish basic infrastructure on astral bodies including planets, moons, and large asteroids. The mech’s four spider-like legs and elevated frame make it ideal for traversing a wide variety of terrains and environments, while built-in fabricators and three-dimensional printers combined with simple mining equipment give it the capability to construct predetermined objects from available resources. The DAME features multiple Virtual Intelligences in constant communication with one another; working on a simple algorithm, in production models, these determine the ideal location and distribution for sensor and communications beacons across a planet’s surface while collecting data through a swarm of replaceable drones produced by the DAME itself. Powered by a small nuclear core with supplemental solar cells, the DAME is capable of independent, non-stop function for up to five years in hostile environments without supervision or outside instruction, and production models include the ability to construct communications buoys, sensor arrays, and simple buildings resembling the prefabs common across the known galaxy.

In the official press statement, Aurum stated that more complex structures and specific designs could be custom-loaded into the DAME’s memory banks, and that more baseline designs would be added to production models via patch as they became available. Speculation immediately following the announcement focused on weather and atmospheric modification, whether through salarian Veil technology or even geth weather controllers, given TraskInt’s close ties to Rannoch. Also emphasized was the modularity of the design, with different components able to swap out in favor of tools or capabilities more suitable for a particular environment.

The DAME’s design was largely complete prior to the Reaper War, but suffered from several flaws that were only solved after observing the movement of Reaper vessels across planet surfaces.

DAMEs were expected to be an important tool of the TraskInt Rangers, a recently-announced expeditionary PMC focused on the discovery and colonization of new worlds. Aurum was also careful to emphasize that the DAME could be easily used to assist in reconstruction efforts on worlds still recovering from the Reapers, as well as to aid in the establishment of key infrastructure in remote areas of extant colony worlds with minimal oversight. When asked about possible military applications, Aurum issued the following response:

“While there certainly are potential military applications for the DAME, it wasn’t designed with those specifically in mind. We’re open to such contracts, but the current production model is focused entirely on exploration and the development of infrastructure in remote areas.”

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