Corel Fabricator Yards

Corel Capital Yards on Aseed

Corel Heavy Industries is one of the larger industrial corporations in the Terminus Systems. Headquartered first on Aseed, capital of the New Nova Ascendancy, then on Tuchanka after the curing of the genophage, Corel has long had a reputation as a top end producer of weaponry, armor and ships, as well as a tendency towards surprisingly fair and forthcoming business practices.

Founded by Gothteng Nax in the immediate aftermath of the Krogan Rebellions, Corel has made a habit of increasing in power as wars spread throughout the Terminus. Nax used the aftermath of the Rebellions to sell the devastated Citadel Council hundreds of warships and start his company, he used the Geth Uprising to furnish the new Migrant Fleet with corvettes and transports, and he used the Theocracy Wars to supply the entirety of the Terminus with cruisers, armor and weaponry. The company is old and immensely profitable, and Nax rather likes it that way.

Corel is really famous for two things, their heavy ships and their armor. Corel Augmented Armor is famously almost impossible to Mod. Instead, the armor comes with weapons and exoskeletons built into it, trading modularity for more potent, dedicated designs. It comes in various forms, including nonlethal variants, with various stun weaponry and concussion nets attached; combat variants, equipped entirely with armor mounted weaponry; and, infamously, a 'bounty hunter' variant popular with pirates, which mounted concussion nets, ballistic blades, and a mix of gear suspiciously easy to repurpose as slaving gear. Despite releases saying it was meant for Bounty Hunters out to fight and subdue criminals, Corel's reputation, took a dive as a result, though it has been recovering recently.

Corel's ships are decidedly less controversial. The company manufactures high quality, reliable ships, often outfitted with high-end technology. They're famed for their durability and large heatsinks, giving them great combat endurance, as well as their tendency to improve upon and remanufacture other companies' ship lines, occasionally even with permission. They're one of the higher quality sources of Lorica Class Cruisers and heavy cruisers in the Terminus, behind only Hierarchy Surplus, Cathedral-Stations, and the ever elusive Orozvhad Armory.

As a result of the curing of the Genophage, Corel declared that it was moving its headquarters to Tuchanka, and opening manufactories on the planet, to assist in rebuilding the krogan race to its former glory.

Before long, Corel Heavy Industries and Urdnot Aerospace announced both the completion of Kherat and Shiagur stations, and the completion of the first Tuchankan Defense Squadron.

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