An arms supplier operating in the Batarian Confederacy. It originated in a joint proposal between Dumah Gunworks, Pillars Munitions, Ideon Reach and several other Erszbat companies (many of which held rights to Batarian State Arms technologies and/or facilities) for the creation of a unified alliance of companies to replace and act as successor to the BSA. The proposal also entailed creating everything from small arms to entire spacecraft, primarily for use by the Confederacy’s own armed forces. In a passionate, half-hour long speech, company representative Rahab Had’desh also criticized Batarian State Arms, describing it as “purposefully made to stifle creativity [and] suppress access to technology,” and that while BSA “was a just another facet of the everpresent oppression of the Hegemony”, the proposed Confederate Arms Manufacture would “be testament to the ingenuity, to the creativity of the best of the batarian people” while upholding “the virtues we see the Confederacy has come to represent.”

Despite some degree of criticism (much of it directed at an unprecedented proposal for the sharing of facilities and personnel between Confederate Arms Manufacture and its constituents), reactions were generally favourable. While the Confederation Council issued no immediate response, experts agreed that the companies had made a very strong case, and it was likely that CAM designs would hit the market in the coming months.



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