Created by the horticultural industry following the “Bonsai” Fad of 2175, the Computer-Assisted Root Growth Organizer (CARGO) enjoyed a brief but profitable presence in the plant world before being shut down by the Citadel Council. Employing a nanite “cloud” in a chosen soil sample, the CARGO system would simulate favorable plant growth by feeding positive stimuli in the direction desired – such as altering temperatures, releasing useful nutrients, and migrating moisture from unwanted growth regions.

In 2176, the Council Government sued CARGO developer Tykshae Agricultural into bankruptcy following a disastrous “runaway” CARGO crop that ruined the annual harvest of the colony of Vikarn. The Batarian Hegemony, seeing the potential destructive force of the program, quietly captured several of the scientists involved in an attempt to weaponize the system. Unfortunately for them, their plans proved fruitless; unless encouraged to grow deep underground, CARGO-affected crops were easily identified by their invasive nature, and proved more a nuisance than a threat. Moreover, while plants could be coaxed into “growing into” and “carrying” destructive payloads into even the most heavily fortified buildings, it would take weeks or even months for them to do so –rendering them useless for all but the most unsuspecting targets.

CARGO research ended during the Reaper Invasion of Khar'shan, as enemy forces converted all personnel in the Terminus-operated research station. It was discovered by dissident STG operatives during a “routine” raid of the building.

See: Entish.

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