Commander Shepard, also known as the First Human SPECTRE,  was the face of the Alliance and the galaxy's struggle from the beginning to the end of the Reaper Wars. From the day she saved the Council at the Battle of the Citadel to firing the Crucible that marked the end of the war, her actions are widely considered to have prevented the Reapers from causing galactic extinction.

Little is known about the Commander’s life or about the allegedly hand-picked team she led to victory during the Battle of London, though the fact that two of them now hold the highest office in their species is telling. Overlord Wrex is now the unquestioned leader of the krogan, who have been freed from the Genophage, and Admiral Tali’Zorah vas Normandy presides over the first Rannoch-based quarian government in three centuries – a government that includes geth in its constituency.

Commander Shepard’s whereabouts following the Battle of London are unknown, like much of her personal history, though most people assume she was killed in action ensuring that blue flash of light that ended the Reaper War. Revile her for her actions in exterminating 300,000 batarians if you must, speculate if you must about her alleged involvement with the terrorist organization Cerberus – maybe even hate her for causing the second Krogan Revolution, but do not deny that she was responsible for ending the Reaper War.

On In-Character Knowledge

The information above entails the vast majority of what the general public knows about Commander Shepard, and as such bolded statements are the only concrete details involving CDN’s “canon Shepard” decisions. As a vast majority of her actions were covert in nature, the whereabouts of her ME2 squadmates, her romantic interests and the location of her alleged space hamster are not issues that would concern the general public, and have thus been left unspecified.

Please remember this when discussing Shepard, and whenever possible, invoke Rules #1, #2 and #6 in your discussion.

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