The Coalition for Korlusi Independence is the primary enemy of the Korlus Administrative Board, and, as of current, are the defacto government in charge of Korlus. Originally a group of warring krogan warlords, the Coalition was formed when other factions started to muscle in on their territory, and the Administrative Board started imposing restrictions on the warlords, which they considered "squatters", illegal residents of their world, along with most of the population of the planet. Fed up, they united under Chief Nharkikh Zhey, the loudest advocate of wishing to simply be left alone to his own affairs, which mainly consisted of fighting the rivals he was now considering allying with. The other warlords quickly fell into line after being attacked by Blue Suns forces sponsored by the Administrative Board, and created the Coalition in response. Since then, they have established the Vargea Fortress-City as their capital, and maintained peace and order over more than a third of Korlus' surface and over more than a billion sapients, more than any other faction that controls the planet. However, they still have their internal squabbles between the various warlords and chiefs. Currently, with the re-establishment of communications, they are debating hiring a ship to take a diplomatic team to get their government recognized by more nations.

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