ClockworkFrog Games is an amateur games label, created by CDN member Jeral as an avenue for his after-hours programming endeavours. ClockworkFrog's games are available for free download from its own extranet site, as well as the CipherTech App Store in the case of omni-tool compatible games; revenue is by donation.


An arcade-style game, in which the player controls a salarian, newly-arrived on the Citadel, attempting to cross a busy thoroughfare. To do so he must avoid being trampled to death by other pedestrians, including biotic-enhanced asari and charging krogan. Various Citadel locations are presented as levels.

In The Dark

The player takes the role of an engineer aboard a starship that has suffered a catastrophic systems failure, and must construct a makeshift cooling system to prevent the core from overloading, despite having no light source to illuminate the engineering area. The game uses tactile feedback systems (implants or gloves for omni-tools) to simulate the shapes and textures of the components which must be manipulated and combined to complete the cooling system. Sound is employed to provide the tense atmosphere of the badly-damage starship interior, and the game incorporates a learning VI that can alter gameplay parameters based on a player's previous attempts.


An "office toy" style stress-relief game, in which the program generates (via appropriate holographic peripherals) an avatar of a face, which the player can slap. Reaction speed and intensity can be adjusted, and a variety of avatars is included, as well as an option to upload new avatars from compatible media.


The player controls a planet, and is able to adjust a large number of variables (crust composition, mineral densities, atmospheric properties, etc.) and observe the results in a modelled ecosystem. The planet model includes conditions for the emergence of organic life, which the player can then help (or hinder) on the road to sapience.

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