Yvir’Reizh vas Vestira nar Usela is a 25 year old quarian electronics expert, troubleshooter, and “junk-heap philosopher” who, by all appearances, seems to be just an average quarian trying to make his way in the world. The truth is a bit more complicated.

Yvir'Reizh vas Vestira nar Usela
Yvir, "Y," "Suitrat," "Southie," "Bosh'tet in Blue," etc.
Date of Birth
November 10th, 2165
Freelance Tech. Consultant
2115 Wasera Ave, Lower Tayseri
Marital Status
Character Status


Analytical, reserved, and (mostly) good-natured with a smart-ass sense of humor, Yvir is an absolute nerd: whereas most quarians take up some sort of technical trade as part of their education, Yvir dove into it and took to electronic engineering courses, learning how to create and maintain (and break) the systems that kept the Vestira running.

As such, he tends to assume he knows better than anyone in the room, though he will not publicly admit it and often misses simple things due to it, glossing over critical bits of information in arrogance.

This is ‘tempered’ by a self-deprecating wit (which he ironically takes pride in having: “Keeps me from getting a big head.”) and a natural tendency to challenge himself with new ideas. He also tends to bottle up negativity, deflecting and defusing it with humor.

Also of note is his ambiversion; he seems to be able to summon up an aura of sanguine confidence before dropping back into his usual quiet self. This has not gone unnoticed by him, which has lead to a great deal of self-doubt and loathing for fear of becoming a smug, self-absorbed sort like his father.


"At least if I'm out here, I can give the quarian viewpoint. An ambassador, I guess. It's not perfect, but I'm not going to give the racists any ground to stand on, if I can help it." - Yvir, on his expatriate status.


  • A particularly unique skill (for a Fleet quarian) Yvir has is his ability to use sniper rifles. While he regards it as one of his father's many follies and a useless skill, it has come in handy more than once -- particularly when picking off Reaper troops.
  • Yvir is one of the last natural left-handed quarians around. As such, it is fairly easy to identify him in a crowd - look for the lefty suitrat.
  • Yvir also owns a custom-made robotic iguana, originally meant to be a pet for a client.
  • Yvir is derived in part from Arcade Gannon of Fallout New Vegas, being a sarcastic, but well-meaning sort.

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