One of the two largest clans in the Kalynd Badlands of Tuchanka, Clan Vynchar enjoys a reputation as brutal and merciless warriors, even among other krogan. A large number of Vynchar warriors belong to the Blood Pack mercenary company.

During the Krogan Rebellions clan Vynchar were responsible for a number of high-profile massacres of turian civilians including the Quarasi Massacre and the sack of Dorea. Such actions earned them the ire of the Hierarchy military who pursued the Vynchar with particular zeal, eventually laying siege Battlemaster Vynchar Sorval’s fortress on the Terminus planet of Laena and orbitally bombarding the site for several days until the fortress and its subterranean bunkers were reduced to dust.

Since the end of the Rebellions clan Vynchar have repeatedly attempted to remedy their flagging numbers through cloning, illegal nanotech and other such dangerous experimentation, resulting in repeated punitive raids by the CDEM. To date none of these experiments seem to have improved Vynchar’s population, nor have the raids convinced them to stop trying.

Clan Vynchar have a long-standing blood-feud with the neighbouring clan Korwun, with whom they have clashed on countless occasions over the centuries. The feud dates back over a millenia to the Rachni Wars when Clan Lord Sosek of the Korwun convinced Clan Lord Rawn of the Vynchar to commit a battalion of his troops to a frontal assault on a rachni hive, only for clan Korwun’s cruisers to then bombard the entire site from orbit, destroying not only the rachni but also the Vynchar warriors.

Vassal Clans

Clan Vynchar has two vassal clans; smaller clans allied to the larger for protection and trade.

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