Clan Veloc is a small krogan clan from the southern hemisphere of Tuchanka. Notable for their adoration of Kherat, and their strong adherence to religious rituals, Clan Veloc inhabits a mountainous region immediately north of an 'endless' plain, found to be completely inhospitable to settlers.

It is notable for its "Plainswalkers", krogan who are banished from the clan, stripped of title and name, and forced to walk the plains for five years. Should they survive and return, they may be re-integrated into society. Should they die, they have earned it.

Ocassionally a banished Veloc will find he prefers life on the plains, and thus will stay there. There is thus an entire tribe of Plainswalking Veloc, far beyond the reach of most exiles. This tribe consists of hearty krogan who have spent a very long time in the wastes, growing and prospering. They do not aim to join Veloc again nor take it over - for the most part, they wish only to live alone.

The Plain notably looks very welcoming from orbit - thus it is not unusual for many offworlders or even emissaries from other clans to land unassumingly, stepping unwittingly into an untimely end. Sometimes, a Plainswalker is found by these ships and taken offworld. Whether these Plainswalkers return or not is up to the exile.

Veloc's current Shaman is the younger brother of the last Shaman. The former Shaman was sent to walk the Plains after endangering female lives. He was one of the lucky few to be taken off world. The current Chieftain, Veloc Thur, is a careful and considerate krogan, unlike his father, Veloc Tir. Tir notably sent more krogan to the plains than the clan could sustain, and thus was sent also.

The Veloc Shamans are expected to hold high to their rituals. Rites of Passage involve scavenging for things often considered useful, as the Veloc live in a terrain not naturally suited for trade. Assumption of command is proven not by force alone but also in battles of wits. A Shaman is picked hereditarily, staying in one brood's line.

The Veloc tend to remain isolationist not only out of need but out of choice. Heavy resistance is put forward in integration; the Veloc do not fight the Urdnot, but do not openly allign, either.

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