Originally from the southern plains, Tugorc is a scattered clan known for contributing mercenaries to almost every conflict on Tuchanka since the end of the Krogan Rebellions. Since the founding of the Blood Pack, Tugorc warriors have formed an integral part of its command structure, and are known for their ferocity.

Tugorc’s long tradition of mercenary work is actually the result of an ancient leadership dispute. When Warlord Tugorc Grool was killed alongside Shiagur at the end of the Krogan Rebellions, his four eldest sons fought to determine who would be the next Warlord. The eventual victor, Tugorc Vorge, died as a result of wounds inflicted by a poisoned blade. The use of poison in a leadership duel had been forbidden by the clan shamans, and the revelation that each of the brothers had done so proved too much for the clan to withstand. Each warrior who could rally followers led them away from the Tugorc homeland, now tainted with the shame of dishonorable leaders.

Small bands of Tugorc warriors made their way across Tuchanka, joining and sometimes even changing the course of conflicts among other clans. Notably, during the Northern Rebellion, mercenaries led by Tugorc Nurg played a decisive role in the defeat of Clan Gothteng. Tugorc warriors from opposing branches have faced each other on the battlefield on more than one occasion, and while some branches of the clan have subsequently died off, others have thrived and grown into powerful clan units in their own right.

Those branches of Tugorc which have grown have done so by accepting cast-offs and criminals from other clans, as well as by absorbing their defeated enemies. Their own perceived origin in shame and ignominy has led most Tugorc to take a more lenient view regarding those similarly shamed by other clans.

Known Members

Tugorc Brokk

Tugorc Brunjj, captain of the post-Reaper War Kalanda-Class vessel Rage of Dhrush.


A Clan Tugorc Ancestral War Sword dated to 200 CE, with hilt of wrapped barok-un hide and a blade of Harvester chitin edged with Harvester mandibles, was missing from a bulk order of two thousand and forty eight antique bladed weapons that were sent to Emon Spiza as a bit of a mix-up with Titan Corporation.