Clan Korwun are one of the two largest clans in the Kalynd Badlands region of northern Tuchanka and are known to be proud and dauntless, if somewhat stubborn, warriors.

Able to trace their history back to several centuries prior to the nuclear destruction of Tuchanka, clan Korwun have made their home in the ruins of what they claim is their ancestral city, Kormarasa. Due to alliances with several smaller neighbouring clans, Korwun territory extends for several hundred miles over the Kalynd Badlands, meaning they control a significant amount of resources and vassals. Simultaneously this also means that clan Korwun and their allies must constantly battle against interlopers who seek to claim their land or raid their encampments.

Clan Korwun were highly active in the Rachni Wars, claiming several notable victories on the Mashari Campaign, but were often reprimanded for their disregard for other clan’s soldiers and their overzealous pursuit of victory at any cost. In response to such accusations, the then-leader of the Korwun, Clan Lord Sosek, is reported to have said “You want peace, but do not want to pay the price. We will pay it for you, do not question how we do so.”.

This attitude resulted in a life-long blood feud between the Korwun and the neighbouring Clan Vynchar, with whom they had already had an age-old rivalry, when Sosek convinced Clan Lord Rawn of the Vynchar to commit a battalion of his troops to a frontal assault on a rachni hive, only for clan Korwun’s cruisers to then bombard the entire site from orbit, destroying not only the rachni but also the Vynchar warriors. Although the Korwun insisted that the fault lay with the Vynchar, whom they alleged broke formation and charged the rachni after the bombardment had already begun, many believe it was a plan by Sosek to reduce the Vynchar numbers.

During the Krogan Rebellions clan Korwun were among the supporters of Shiagur and were one of the many clans present at the climactic Battle of Canrum. In the wake of Shiagur’s death the remaining members of clan Korwun aided in hunting down the turians responsible for the death of Shiagur and their clan members.

Since the end of the Rebellions clan Korwun have come to be seen by other smaller clans as a somewhat calming influence on the region, due to the simple fact that any group that causes trouble in Korwun territory is dealt with quick and brutal efficiency. The clan is currently lead by Battlemaster Korwun Undig, a 1600-year old veteran of both the Rachni Wars and the Rebellions, who has recently assumed the role of Clan Lord following the death of Clan Lord Magog during a raid by the Vynchar.

Vassal Clans

Clan Korwun is allied with three vassal clans; smaller clans drawn to the larger clan Korwun for mutual protection and trade.

Members Include

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