Clan Dinroth is a small krogan clan on the northernmost continent of Tuchanka, closely connected to Clan Gothteng.

Prior to the Krogan Rebellions, Clan Dinroth was numerous and powerful. Their forces were directly responsible for several victories against the rachni, and they again took a leading role when the Rebellions broke out. Dinroth forces claimed one of the earliest strategic victories over the Turian Hierarchy when they overran the defenders of Cannis, and Clan Dinroth subsequently laid claim to the world itself.

While the Rebellions raged across the galaxy, the Dinroth held and fortified Cannis, driving off several turian expeditionary forces. By the time the genophage was deployed, the vast majority of the Dinroth were occupying Cannis, and despite an effective defense were eradicated when General Trebonian bombarded the colony from orbit.

Their forces decimated, the Dinroth remaining on Tuchanka turned their efforts toward survival. This was threatened once again when, in what became known as the Northern Rebellion, clan Gothteng began abducting and experimenting on krogan from nearby clans. The Dinroth formed an alliance with other local clans and led it against the Gothteng, containing the threat but unable to destroy it. The final blow wasn't struck until the arrival of southern mercenaries under Tugorc Nurg, who gave the Dinroth the numerical advantage required to defeat the Gothteng at the battle of Tel Shalok.

Following Tel Shalok, the allied clans dispersed while the Dinroth laid claim to Gothteng territory. The remaining Gothteng sent an emissary to the Dinroth, and the two damaged clans agreed to a truce which soon turned into a longstanding symbiotic alliance.

The weakening of most krogan clans during the Reaper War allowed the Gothteng-Dinroth Alliance, no longer heavily outnumbered by their rivals, to take a more prominent role in Tuchanka’s political circles. In partnership with Corel Heavy Industries, they spearheaded the construction of the first two orbital shipyards above Tuchanka since the Rebellions. These efforts were only mildly inconvenienced by a short war with the Republic of Ghurst, which while never escalating beyond border skirmishes nonetheless resulted in combined casualties of nearly one million warriors. The Gothteng-Dinroth Alliance claimed victory after two months and their claim is widely regarded as accurate, though territorial gains were minimal, the Republic of Ghurst losing only 68 miles of territory along the border. Despite or perhaps because of the war, the Alliance’s influence continued to grow, and the completion of the orbital shipyards (named after Shiagur and Kherat) only enhanced their visibility. Given their history of aggression towards both other species and their krogan neighbours, as well as the clear but unprosecuted violations of Council law, the Alliance is looked upon by most krogan with a mixture of respect and distaste, while the opinion among other species is almost universally that the Gothteng-Dinroth warrant careful observation.

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