the Citadel Council (CDN canon)

[This is a CDN canon extension of the original wiki article on the Citadel Council.]

In CDN canon the Citadel Council was saved in the events of ME1. After the events of ME3 and the aftermath, as described in the  CDN retrospectives, there have been a few changes.

In the year 2193, the Citadel Council still consists of representatives of the asari, salarians, turians and humans. Almost all other species and governments now have embassies or consulates on the Citadel to develop a new galactic order. But expanding the Council, though it may have been discussed, has not yet been agreed upon.

The volus, for example, are leveraging themselves to be made a full member of the Council as a result of their economic recovery efforts. While this seems unlikely, the movement has drawn more attention to volus efforts over the past few years, giving their businesses a much-appreciated amount of free advertising.

Asari: Councilor Irissa

Councilor Tevos stepped down in the aftermath of the war but serves as an advisor.

Salarian: Councilor Valern 

There has been no change.

Turian: Councilor Sparatus

There has been no change.

Human: Councilor Dominic Osoba

After the death of Udina, Osoba, a diplomat on the Citadel follows him into office.

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