Athena Nebula / Xun System
Type Garden
Orbital Distance 1.4 AUs
Orbital Period 1.3 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 1.121
Radius 6,763 km
Day Length 31 Hours
Atm. Pressure 1.1 atm
Surface Temp 26 °C
Surface Gravity 1.1 g
Mass N/A
Satellites 2

Chroma is one of the oldest asari colonies in the Athena Nebula and dates back to the first wave of expansion for the species. The capital Paros is located on the larger southern continent. Prior to the war, Chroma had a population of nearly 1 billion.

The planet was of special interest for its Element Zero deposits and a bioactive flora, which became an early mainstay of Chroma’s exports. The raw materials are used for pharmaceutical production and food supplements. Later, Eezo-enriched mineral deposits were made accessible and mined. Some mines are closed today, others still operate.

Chroma is also known for spectacular underwater settlements in the shallow oceans of the equatorial regions. Large areas of the planet are preserved in a natural state and settlement is restricted. This was done to ensure the stability of the ecosystem which is so important for the native republic.

The Reapers have destroyed some of the settlements and many of the eezo mining plants but in late 2188, the economy is sustainable and the rebuilding is going ahead. Left largely untouched, the bioactive flora of the planet proved to be a valuable asset in the early months after the war, when biotic-specific pharmaceuticals were needed in excess throughout asari space.

Paros is the home of the Paros Pioneers pildavi team

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