The Chosin-class Destroyer was first considered by the Systems Alliance Admiralty before the Reaper War, a proposed solution to lightly-armoured but hard-hitting Terminus designs such as the Mameluke. The Chosin-class is a designed shipkiller: lighter, cheaper and faster than a cruiser but more heavily armed and durable than the average frigate. In contrast to the escort and recon duties of the average frigate, the Chosin is specifically designed to intercept and destroy raiders and as such is armed with a bevy of Thanix weaponry, heavy armour, and hardened kinetic barriers all meant to help it go toe to toe with heavier ships. The vessel is 338m long with a crew of one hundred and thirty. The first Chosin is soon to undertake its first shakedown runs and if performance reviews are favourable, it is hoped another three Chosin vessels will be produced by 2196.

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