A Choir unit searching the ruins of a colony

A versatile piece of technology, the Choir class unmanned support unit has numerous uses such as constructing or repairing ships, buildings, and defenses, demolitions, fire support, and reconnaissance, as well as being deployed on search and destroy missions. It is generally loosely classified as a support craft.

Straddling the line between construction mech, fighter craft, and heavy weapons platform, the Choir is capable of operating semi-autonomously thanks to its extremely sophisticated VI programming. In noncombat situations the Choir uses its high-powered GARDIAN beams, on-board fabricator, mass effect field generators, and manipulator arms to rapidly manufacture and assemble various structures ranging from simple prefabs to heavy cruisers. A small internal bay can store up to half a dozen drones used for tasks requiring greater finesse and delicacy than the primary unit can manage.

However, if the need arises the Choir can be easily repurposed to fill a variety of combat roles. Able to retract its appendages to form an armored shell, swarms of Choirs equipped with small scale disruptor torpedos can be deployed in ship-to-ship combat, while the same tools that allow it to excel at construction can be effectively turned toward sabotage. It is not uncommon for swarms of Choirs to cut through a warship's ablative armor and begin shutting down the ship itself from within. Choirs can also be deployed to support detachments of infantry, their GARDIANs capable of stripping away shields and burning through their targets in an instant. Equipped with rocket pods, heavy mass accelerators, and its bay filled with combat drones, a combat-specced Choir is a formidable if unconventional enemy.


Originally designed by Stymphalian Aerospace as a construction unit for assembling ships, the Choir's combat potential was discovered when a dry dock was attacked by pirates. With few defenses and reinforcements some time away, the desperate staff reprogrammed the mechs to fight off the invaders. Much to everyone's surprise the Choir units carved through the pirate forces with relative ease. Since then, Choir units have become one of Sytmphalian's more popular products and are employed extensively by Stymphalian's parent company, the Titan Corporation.

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