Chlorbetacrispine, also known as CBC-gas or CBC-mist, is an extremely potent and dangerous chemical capable of breaking down any organic matter.

CBC is a heavy gas mainly used for emergency sterilization of lab equipment and airlocks in case of biohazard emergencies.

The compound is relatively heavy and slow-flowing, but capable of getting into the smallest spaces, reliably annihilating any organic matter and any sorts of organisms in its way. Organic matter is reduced to what was once fittingly described by the witnesses of the process as "low-molecular slush". There is no known organism potentially capable of surviving a massive direct exposure to chlorbetacrispine, ammonia-based lifeforms included.

Due to its relatively high density, CBC is slow to disperse itself in regular Earth-type atmosphere. This trait, combined with the fact that CBC breaks down relatively quickly when exposed to air and, more importantly, light, but the chemical still requires the utmost of care and caution in handling. It is generally kept in sturdy containers with a number of technical safety measures. The compound retains it's effectiveness in the atmosphere of all but the most frigid ammonia-type worlds, but needs special additives in extreme cases to avoid condensation and freezing.

Chlorbetacrispine is illegal for regular military use in Citadel Space and is considered a chemical weapon. However, some instances of its use for neutralization of particularly dangerous terrorists were recorded. Its production is a complex and costly process, which, still keeps the chemical out of reach of most extremists.


Strangely enough, the name of the chemical is utter gibberish, created by its terran inventors for marketing reasons. CBC contains neither chlorine (while resembling chlorine gas in appearance) nor any crispine alkaloids. It is marketed to biological laboratories under its name used as a trademark.

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