Chirper is a mass communication tool, enabling users to read and broadcast short messages, known as 'chirps', across galactic distances.

Although individual chirps are limited in their content potential, being primarily text-based with a bare-bones translation and embedded data capacity, their brevity and simplicity means that even a widespread reader/publisher base requires only a miniscule investment in relay communications bandwidth to be kept permanently in contact with the Chirper network - even the lowest-priced connectivity services permit users to send and receive chirps at maximum inter-relay speed. Although initially regarded as a passing fad for the social networking subculture, Chirper's speed and coverage to even the most technologically-limited of locations has seen it emerge as a powerful information dissemination tool for individuals, professional news services, and even governments.

CDN chirper accounts

Several members of CDN have Chirper accounts, including:

Out-of-character notes

  • Initially invented simply as a self-explanatory 22nd Century Twitter equivalent, Chirper has been adopted by CDN as the in-universe carrier of BioWare's Twitter-based news updates.

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