The Chinese People's Federation was a superpower alongside the UNAS and European Union on Earth, existing until the beginning of the Reaper War. It was one of the signatories to the founding charter of the Systems Alliance and a primary contributor of material to the organization. The People's Federation also owned colonies independently of humanity's extraterrestial representatives. Known locales include Mars, Watson (in distant Sigurd's Cradle) and Shanxi.

Its immediate predecessor state was the People's Republic of China, that was founded in 1949 CE.

Entities affiliated with the People's Federation

  • Heyuan Genomics
  • Heavy Metals ExoMining of China
  • Guanghui Solutions


In 2176 CE, CPF premier Ying Xiong was killed alongside President Enrique Aguilar of the UNAS during a photo opportunity. The perpetrator was Michael Moser Lang, a patent clerk and political dissident from Virginia. Lang obtained a Kassa Fabrication M-12 Locust submachine gun and concealed it within a shoulder-mounted video camera which he brought to the event. The first burst from Lang’s weapon broke through the kinetic barriers protecting the stage. Xiong attempted to shield Aguilar from the line of fire, but Lang’s next shots passed completely through Xiong and killed both men.

The CPF ceased to legally exist following the Reaper War, as did all nations of Earth. See: Systems Alliance Transitional Administration on Earth.