To date the following Cerberus projects have been mentioned on the CDN forums:


Project status: Unknown

A project developed in the aftermath of the Alliance-Geth conflict with the primary of developing a method of countering the conversion of captured sapients into husks. Failing this the project’s aim was to develop a method of immediately killing the subject upon reanimation, in order to prevent prisoners from being used against Cerberus.


Project status: Aborted

A bioweapon that rapidly mutated it’s victims into ferocious, infectious monsters. Developed to target alien races and leave humans untouched, the project was shut down after Cerberus member Michael Lanning stole a vial of the Chimera virus and released several strains into the primary research complex on Bekenstein.


Project status: Completed

A project to break down and analyse a Dragon’s Tooth and discern the method through which it creates husks. The project was successful, although many station personnel were killed during a lab accident that turned many of them into husks.


Project status: Completed

Following on from Project Cadmus, Erebus focused on the nanites created by Dragon’s Teeth and how they affect various life forms to create husks. Contact was lost with the station the project was based on after lead researcher Doctor Iain Rhys-Summers succumbed to Reaper Indoctrination and turned the staff into husks. Project data was later recovered from the abandoned station.


Project status: Unknown

A branch off from Project Erebus, Project Hydra concerned the application of husk nanites to non-human species.


Project status: Completed

The final stage of Project Erebus, Project Talos attempted (and succeeded) in creating artificial husks without the need for a Dragon’s Tooth. The project was terminated by Cerberus Command after successful completion.

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