Cerberus Agent is a shooter-RPG hybrid vid game that was released by Grand Star Entertainment in CE 2186. In the game, the player takes on the role of a Cerberus recruit, and must perform a series of missions for the group.

Cerberus Agent was criticized by many individuals for allegedly portraying Cerberus in a positive light. Among the critics was Deborah Murkowsi, with the group Cerberus Watch, who complained that the player is not allowed to question the recruiter about most of Cerberus's past, and that even when the player can, the concerns are dismissed without much discussion.

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Cerberus Agent was reported in the Cerberus Daily News update Game criticized for portrayal of Cerberus.

Out-of-character notes

  • The idea for the Cerberus Agent news article was sparked by complaints about how Cerberus was portrayed in Mass Effect 2. Some fans of the original Mass Effect feel that Cerberus was portrayed in an overly positive way in ME2, and are unhappy that the player was not given the option to be more aggressive in questioning Miranda about Cerberus' past.