A vessel class of the Turian Hierarchy. With the slowly recovering loss of dreadnoughts sustained by the Hierarchy during the Reaper War, the turians needed a command vessel that could easily take the place of a dreadnought as a fleet flagship with less time and resources needed for production. The vessel was originally to be designed as an emergency replacement during the war itself. The engineers behind the project, filled with the burning desire to take back Palaven, finished the design in less than 120 days. However, the design, dubbed the "Miracle Cruiser" for its insanely low development time, could not be produced before the end of the war due to the Hierarchy's insufficient industrial capacity, the remainder of it being allocated to the construction of the Crucible.

After the end of the war, the design was given a second look and was green lighted for production as a way to quickly rebuild the Hierarchy's naval ability in the aftermath of the Reaper War. The cruiser was designed with two main Mass Accelerator guns. One on the top spar, and a slightly larger one on the bottom. Between these spars lie both slightly larger then the norm broadside accelerators attached to the bottom of the space, as well as an auxiliary main gun designed above the broadsides.

On top of this, state of the art GARDIAN systems, a standard issue cruiser hangar bay for both troop transports and fighter escorts as well as numerous layers of ablative armor make this a very effective flagship vehicle. However, the advantages of this vessel are balanced out by a truly poor ability to gain forward acceleration, as well as terrible manoeuvrability. This drawback has led to the common tactic of fleets led by a Centurion to enter the battle moving quickly to begin with and close the gap between forces while using the main guns, which are made much more effective by the speed at that they're going at to begin with, before using deceleration thrusters on the vessel and using its broadsides to engage the enemy fleet with overwhelming force in true Hierarchy fashion. This tactic was made famous by Velor Vevedix during the battle of Veratix Station.

A post-Reaper technology variant is being worked on by the Hierarchy at this time. Its modifications include replacing the auxiliary accelerator with a Thanix cannon as well as using upgraded ultraviolet GARDIAN lasers and reaper tech heat radiators. The design has been finished but production has not commenced until the price of the reaper tech involved drops enough to make it actually cheaper then the dreadnoughts its supposed to replace.

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