Rigidly disciplined and often serious to a fault, the turians largely represent the hardened military faction of CDN. The third race to become a member of the Citadel Council, the turians assumed galactic responsibility by taking a military leadership role during the Krogan Rebellions, eventually neutering the krogan species into submission with the salarian-manufactured Genophage. Since the Reaper War and Commander Shepard’s efforts to lift the Genophage, however, the krogan and turians have entered into an uneasy alliance with one another as they help each other rebuild their devastated homeworlds.

Turians are known for a strong sense of duty; their central government consists of a rigid meritocracy known as the Hierarchy which both reinforces and is reinforced by a social urge to serve one’s community and “Die for the Cause.” Despite being the so-called "invading aliens" during the First Contact War, they are currently probably Humanity's staunchest ally.

For more information on the turians post-Reaper War, please consult the Retrospectives.