Cametia Banion

Cametia Banion
Commission - Cametia Final
Username: Cametia_Banion.
Species: Turian.
Age: Mid 50s
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Occupation: Private security contractor.
Location: Various locations throughout the Terminus Systems, although she has a semi-permanent home on Omega.
Height: 6'7".
Build: Tall and strong (although less so that just a few years ago.)
Affiliations: Pre-war, she had worked mainly with Blue Suns and various subsidiaries, although never on a long term contract. Currently, she purely freelances, selling her skills on the open market.

Cametia Banion is a turian soldier turned mercenary currently operating in and around the Terminus system, spending most of her downtime on Omega. Once a proud soldier with a promising career, Cametia was imprisoned and stripped of her rank for her involvement in the death of a prominent human biotic shortly after the reaper attack on The Citadel. While she has mostly made money accepting small jobs - security, collecting on loans, burglary and sabotage - it seems that she's starting to set her sights on something a bit more ambitious. Perhaps trying to reclaim some of her former glory.

Recent Activities

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