Emblem commonly used by Discori's troops

Caldus 'Discord' Discori was a egotistical, maniacal and sadistic turian pirate and slaver based in the Terminus. Also known as The Bloody Talon and The Tyrant of Hinath, Discori commanded a small fleet of pirate ships that raided the Terminus for slaves and goods, selling them on the black market. His primary base was located on the remote Terminus backwater of Hinath, but he also maintained outposts on both Omega and Cartagena.


Born on an inconsequential turian colony, Caldus Discori was the son of a career soldier and a mid-level government official. His father, a captain in the Hierarchy Fleet, was often away from home for long periods and his mother was highly dedicated to her job. As a result Caldus was raised by a number of aides, nannies and carers and seldom saw his parents except on holidays and special occasions.

Following boot camp, Caldus progressed through the turian military at a steady rate, achieving the rank of lieutenant-commander before mustering out at 30.

After leaving the military Discori disappeared from turian society, reappearing five years later in 2173 in the Terminus systems, in command of a growing criminal empire. Setting himself up as a warlord, Discori used his army of turian, batarian and vorcha to raid countless colonies, taking supplies, weapons and slaves as he saw fit.

His influence continued to expand until 2186 when a band of mercenaries united to bring him to justice for his crimes.

Known Crimes

  • Attack on human colony New Utrecht (2175): 10,000 killed/captured
  • Hijacking of MSV Prospero (2175): C250,000 stolen, crew of 50 killed/captured
  • Attack on turian colony of Viconius (2177/believed): (1,250 killed/captured)
  • Attack on human colony of Savannah (2178): 7,000 killed/captured
  • Murder of ACI Special Agent Hiram Purefoy (2179)
  • Murder of batarian slave trafficker Arok Ryg'Nahl (2180)
  • Hijacking of MSV Lourdes (2180): C300,000 stolen, crew of 67 killed/captured, ship destroyed
  • Hostile takeover of Two-Timer slave ring on Omega (2180)
  • Murder of ONI 2nd Lieutenant Phillip Holstein (2185)
  • Murder of ONI Operations Chief Sylvia Grenier (2185)
  • Capture of ONI Staff Lieutenant Adrianna Garza (2185)


Discori was finally eliminated by a combined mercenary army after he enraged a number of influential members of the CDN by posting a list of slaves for sale on the extranet site (see here). The mercenary army assaulted his compound on Hinath, destroyed his personal army and killed the warlord after a pitched battle (see: Operation: Down With Discord).

Discori was fatally wounded by Desta T'Res when the asari repeatedly biotically slammed him into the floor and ceiling. He was then decapitated by Korwun Gorik.