Nobody is entirely sure what CUTE YOUNG FELINE MAMMAL is. No one can exactly pinpoint his/her/its/their origin, or of its motivations. All that is known about it is that its presence has lingered over the boards since their inception, and that it speaks in an erudite, sinister-sounding voice which reads as bright yellow, bold font.

It often makes predictions that come true with terrifying regularity.

It has remained an uncomfortable contact for high-profile characters such as Aphin Protretho and Abattoir, but even they are unsure about its identity.

Members of the forum tend to refer to it by the monicker "Kittens."

Out-of-character notes

  • CUTE YOUNG FELINE MAMMAL was one of the driving forces behind the Who Goes There? story arc.

A Note on Kittens RPs

"Kittens RPs" - that is, role-playing threads where CUTE YOUNG FELINE MAMMAL is the driving force behind - are few and far between, for the reason that joining one means that you acknowledge that your character may die during the RP's proceedings. As he explains in a role-playing workshop thread, individuals posting have a given number of "hero points" that they may use to make a damaging blow a lethal one, or to turn a lethal one dealt to a given character to a merely life-threatening one. These threads, however, are written with permanence in mind. Should your character make a monumentally bad call - or even a call which is simply wrong in a high-risk scenario - s/he must accept the consequences, which can and will result in death. Tread lightly, should you decide to join such a thread.

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