A krogan Red Metal band, proudly crude and theatrical. Red Metal combines the low, resonant tones of krogan throatsinging with the traditional playing style of human Black Metal.

Albums include:

  • Murderous Sons of the Ravenous Whore
  • Violating the Holes of the Asari Goddess.
  • Despoiling the Tombs of the Salarian Witchkings

Relevant Threads

A review by Vakkel Orrinda: A turian music reviewer puts the band under the magnifying glass.

The Return of Blasphemous Xenophage: Orrinda learns the error of his ways.

DDS Advert: A concert on Mars is advertised by the Dwick Dwickcast Syndykyt. It will be noted that Blasphemous Xenophage has discovered Christmas.


The Sarcastic Salarian (Aphin Protretho) once mentioned, in a list of crazy stories and rumours, that Blasphemous Xenophage were supposedly (some oddballs claim) manufactured by a secret krogan corporation in order to spread mind-controlling subliminal messages to all krogan, inciting them to violence. Protretho concluded: "Naturally, this doesn't explain why their shows suck so much." As a leading STG agent, it can be assumed he was safely immune from Orrinda-style correction.

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