A page for CDN non-canon additions/extrapolations regarding biotics.

See: Biotic Games, Biotiball.

Measuring Biotic Ability

Akterat tests are the standard tests given to asari children (asari being the only naturally biotic race) to determine their biotic potential.

The Adjusted T'Iema Aptitude Scale is a system used to measure biotic ability.

Biotics-centred arcs

The plot arc involving Marcus Koren, biotic cultist and kidnapper extraordinaire, centred around biotics. See the list of thread links on Koren's page.

Relevant Threads

Alright. Can someone explain biotics to me?: Aphin raises an important question, namely "How in the shrelling fuck does being exposed to shining blue rock allow you to fold spacetime?"

The board discusses various issues relating to Biotics.

Biotic Injuries.

Using Biotics in everyday life

How is Biotic Strength Tested?: A question from Styia.

The Only Thing I've Ever Wanted: When Dani'Koara expresses her wish to be biotic, the actual biotics explain the many downsides. Also: can biotics fly?