Biotiball is a popular team sport, evidently involving biotics.

Not much is known about the actual rules or team sizes but it appears to be similar enough to basketball. 

Scores are high, an example is a 79-77 match between the Usaru Maestros and the Washington Hackers.

91 minutes was a record breaking match with nine overtimes. This indicates that the game follows NBA timing rules with four quarters of twelve minutes and five minutes per overtime.


The game is mentioned on several occasions in the original games, mostly in the news. Shepard can invite Vega and Cortez for a night of drinks and watching biotiball featuring the Seattle Sorcerers taking on the Usaru Maestros.

A few teams were mentioned in the games, a lot more were made up by CDN users discussing the sport. Feel free to use any of those or add your own home team:

Teams mentioned in the games:

Usaru Maestros (Tyra T’Sanis)

Seattle Sorcerers

Washington Hackers (coach Jerome Manning)

New Orleans Loa

CDN made up teams:

Citadel Centurions

Arlea Neutrons (T’Nira)

Zena Zaharia

Versacula Varrens (Thessia-based)

Lusia Lightning (Lusia-based)

Lerama Shockers

[placeholder] Gliders (Hyetiana-based)

Armali Espatiers

[placeholder] Tustrines (Aharana)

Serrice Sun (T’Lent)

Sunda Freezers

[placeholder] Harriers

Sunda Freezers

Palaven Auras (Palaven-based)

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