A category of installation built by the Batarian Hegemony. Bashka sites were infamous under the old regime as the domain of the Special Intervention Unit and the forces and assets contained under that umbrella.

With the Hegemony's collapse during the Reaper War, Bashka sites recovered largely intact - a rare occurrence given SIU security protocols - have been found to contain a breadth of material ranging from experimental weaponry to state controlled augmentations and high-grade surveillance technologies.

Remnants of a Baskha-class installation were discovered embedded in the remains of a decaying planetoid above the gas giant Mendurana. The site was believed to have been discovered via recovered records in bases still undergoing excavation on nearby Camala. It was unclear if the facility had been compromised prior to the arrival of Confederate forces from Camala, but sources indicated that the automated defense grid had been internally disabled.

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