A group of extremists firmly in the pro-slavery camp, the Barhak Brigade allegedly consists entirely of ex-Batarian SIU operatives. They have a growing reputation post-Reaper War in the new Batarian Confederacy. They claimed responsibility for the Gerak Town Hall bombing in Ertl County on Erszbat, and apparently have an extensive informant network among the Confederacy's lower echelons of government, as well as access to pre-war SIU supply caches and computer networks. They've been able to secure access to fortified Confederate government installations, and conduct a campaign of sabotage, targeting various secure facilities on Erszbat and, to a lesser extent, on Camala, including water purification and mass-transit systems. Several facilities ended up offline for months following the declaration of the Confederacy's formation. They've also claimed credit for the death of a member of the Camalan Grusto, and have publicly claimed credit for the sabotage of at least three transports in Erszbat docks, in various counties across the planet, resulting in numerous ship crashes and some nasty Eezo problems in these areas.

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