Barezan class vessels at the battle of Saranai-4

The Barezan class heavy frigate is a salarian heavy escort warship, first entering service around 2015 CE, and still produced and used in the Terminus Systems.

The Barezan class is based on a very simple concept: in order to deal the maximum amount of damage, you need the longest mass accelerator feasible for the ship type. The Barezan is extremely long for a frigate, rather thin, and has next to no cargo space. Instead, the Barezan's spine is an enormous, 500 meter mass accelerator that takes up most of its volume. The rest of the ship is rather cramped as a result, and once the torpedo bays, eezo core and thick armored plating is factored in, the crew is forced to live in decidedly cramped quarters. As a result, it is not well liked by those forced to crew it.

It is immensely popular among Terminus militaries, merchant fleets and large pirate groups. Small pirate groups tend to avoid it due to the cramped quarters, and tendency to rip prey apart instead of cripple it.

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Known Ships

  • The Hazred, a Sultanate ship involved in the Battle of New Carthage. It posed as a Vadarat Industries convoy transporting Element zero to Harin Colony, its cargo containers filled with random commodities bolted onto its frame to help it pose as a Malaster-class freighter.
  • The VCNS Raport, of the Vonskar Coalition; destroyed at the Battle of Nuran by forces of The High Republic of Orozvhad.

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