The Barat class cruiser is a batarian-made warship designed for planetary assault.

The Barat-class was made to deal with the annoyance of hardened anti-orbit ground emplacements. The cruiser is based around a battery of ventral mounted bombardment cannons, arrays of enormous mass accelerators, and oversized GARDIAN lasers, that can burn through a building past a kinetic barrier, or simply shell a heavily fortified bunker into rubble. The cruiser is not immensely well armored, and relies on maneuverability and kinetic shielding, both to dodge fire from the groundbased installations, and to evade other ships; consequently, Barats are rarely deployed without escort vessels. They mount a single, four hundred meter spinal mass accelerator, and a relatively light GARDIAN system, as a result of the power drain that goes into powering their gargantuan bombardment cannons.

The most famous - or notorious - use of the class was the Razing of Torhaul, in 2170, when a trio of nuclear-armed Barats burned the settlements of Torhaul to the ground, and destroyed the pack of Eisenhorns that defended it.


  • Grey Planet Burning presented a cinematic portrayal of the Barat class before and during the Razing, focusing on the crew of the Urakh, leader of the three-ship squadron. Due to budgetary concerns, a Hensa class vessel was used in the film in place of an actual Barat.

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