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Baram Har-rok

Baram Har-rok is an older batarian from the Technocracy of Valkar, a Terminus nation. He's worked for many years as a Gar'sha, a form of Valkarin lawkeeper devoted mainly to maintaining peace on the frontiers of Valkar's growing borders. Valkarin born and raised, it wasn't until his later years that he ever ventured out of the Technocracy's territory.

Typically a peaceful and amicable individual, if a little terse at times.

Currently fulfilling typical Gar'sha missions outside of Valkarin space; namely the pursuit, capture and return of Valkarin fugitives from justice.

Threads of Note

Two Cyberblinks Walk Into A Warehouse: Baram meets with Mekan of Omega.

Triad: In The Element: Making plans with Mekan, Wash, Dass and Chez Chezlin.

Watchful Eyes and Honoured Hearts: On Illium to track members of the Clans of Anjul, Baram attends the Nos Astra Police Department Fundraising Gala, and reconnects with Mekan.

Stalkers: Baram "plays dad" again, as Mekan and others get entangled in the agenda of The Ghul. If they're going to do this, they may as well have someone who knows what he's doing.

Murderhobo Priorities: Baram continues to watch over Mekan, following on from Muckracker, who is "mom" to his "dad".


Baram and Fadil. (Art by Armax_Hammer)

The Best Kind of Medicine: Baram meets Fadil Mahd at an Illium bar.

Mekan's War: Baram tries to defend a very stressed Mekan amid fallout from the disastrous mission that began the Systems Alliance-Vies War of 2190.

Birthday: Baram buys Mekan a shuttle. It has an unusual name.

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