The Bangalore is a last-generation turian frigate purchased by Maneena and D'Sani M'Sonna for their adoptive son Johnny M'Sonna, on the occasion of his eighteenth birthday when he began a career as a freelance mercenary. After saving up from several jobs, he retrofitted the interior with several non-standard additions to further assist him on his contracts. The short list includes:

  • Stripping out the CIC in lieu of a full lounge and bar, for client entertainment purposes.
  • Expanding on the cockpit wiith the removed items from the CIC.
  • Multiple 'smuggler's holes' laced in throughout the floorboards of the CIC deck.
  • Expanded shuttle hangar to accomodate a Mantis gunship.
  • A one lane shooting range in the cargo area.
  • 13 private cabins for passengers and important clients along the maintenance deck.
  • A restaurant quality galley, with seating for twelve.

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