AT-CCAEF-0143 is a genetically engineered blue fungus commonly known as AzuMold. It was developed by the AzuTech corporation on Noveria as a cold-resistant food source that could be grown on the planet's surface. After the Mass Relays were destroyed by the firing of the Crucible, AzuMold was rushed through testing to supplement Noveria's limited food supply. Unfortunately, the fungus proved to be resistant to stomach acids and the digestive enzymes of most levo-amino species, allowing it to continue growing inside the stomachs of anyone other than asari or krogan. After over 100 deaths, its use in the food supply was discontinued. During this time, the fungus was rumored to be used as an assassination method.

Less than a year later, a 750 hectare patch of AzuMold was discovered in Noveria's wilderness. It is unknown how the population was established.

AzuMold in roleplay and in the news

Noveria: Aftermath

News: Bioengineered Fungus Discovered Growing in Noveria Wildernes

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