The Auora Type Seven is a high-performance ground motorcycle manufactured by the Thessian sports engineering guild T'Sariba.

The Type Seven is in most areas an incremental improvement over the preceding Type Six and Six-L models. It rates classification as a new model by virtue of its new-generation eezo microcore, which represents a fundamental shift in field geometry from earlier cores, and its aesthetic styling, which adds a notable Terran influence to T'Sariba products' hallmark asari/salarian appearance.

Like previous Auoras, the Type Seven is a fully ground-based vehicle, with no independent flight capability. It employs the "static wheel" design introduced in the Type Three, using arrays of friction dynamos to eliminate the need for moving parts in the wheel segments of the vehicle. The Type Seven also includes a biotic response suite, which limits its high-performance mode to biotically capable riders; a purely mechanical control rig is planned for a subsequent model, the Seven-K.


  • The Auora takes its name from the asari legend of Auora's Journey.
  • Elite ground cycle customiser Hiae Maketari has produced an interocitor overdrive kit for the Auora Type Seven. Each overdrive is hand-crafted by Maketari herself, requiring three months to construct; her client list is consequently extremely select. Occasional CDN member Eafina Meressus, an acquaintance of Maketari's, owns an overdrive-fitted Type Seven.

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