Auora, biotic-sculpted Kendra marble, Presidium Museum of Culture

Auora's Journey is an asari legend, recorded on the Asar Hearth, a kassalt stele which is one of the few surviving detailed records of the beliefs and practices of asari in the early land era prior to the advent of the First Pantheon.


Auora was the first asari to walk on land, and so enamoured was she of the new world she had discovered that she resolved to explore all of it. So while her sisters remained close to their waters, Auora set out away from the shore, across the fields, past rivers and forests, into the mountains and beyond. She walked for hundreds of years, braving unfamiliar dangers, never seeing the same land again that she had the day before, and eventually she reached the shores of the High Lands - the heavens beyond the land as the land was beyond the water.

Venturing into the High Lands, Auora was greeted by the T'Var, its divine inhabitants, who embraced her and told her they had watched her travels, and admired her courage. And, as the T'Var spoke in emotion as well as words, Auora felt their love for her as if it were in her own heart, and she grew sad. Why, asked the T'Var. Because, Auora said, all my travels I have sought a gift to bring back to my sisters, to show them the wonders of the beyond-sea, and now in the love of the T'Var I have it, yet I can never show it to them. The T'Var understood, and reached again inside Auora's heart, this time giving it a voice of its own, that she might share the love she had felt with others, and they in turn would learn to speak with their hearts. And so Auora, grateful, now bade the T'Var farewell and retraced the path she had taken, back to her sisters who had built the first land city near the ocean shore, and Auora shared the T'Var's love, and their gift, with them.

Historical relevance

The legend is the earliest reference in preserved records of melding practiced by asari, although the ability and its use certainly predates both the amphibian/land-dweller transition and, in all likelihood, the emergence of true sapience; many Thessian lifeforms possess some capacity for nervous system synchronisation via electrochemical field projection. The presentation of melding as a divine gift is regarded as particularly significant in light of the same interpretation's place in later belief structures.

Auora's Journey is also widely regarded as the first record (whether based in fact or not) of a Maiden journey. This too is seen as highly significant, in light of contemporary and later records indicating that even in the tribal era, Maiden asari were encouraged to explore by the tribe, and those from other tribes on similar journeys were welcomed.

The modern Auora line of motorcycles takes its name from this legend. (See: Auora Type Seven).

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